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Up In The Air

I believe this movie is like a mirror that reflects how modern people live. They keep firm in their own conviction and run…

The Way To Become Truth Is That The Self Must Disappear

The Way To Become Truth Is That The Self Must Disappear

The way to become truth is that the self must disappear. Even through human history, many saints have said that the self should…

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“Although I cut my own flesh and bled, I felt neither pain nor regret. I kept pursuing enlightenment with a consistent attitude. If it were true, my body…

What if each of the organs fights each other like humans because they have their own selfish minds? What if each of them says that they are more…

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The reason idealism has not been realized in many places, even though they aim towards it, is because they do not have the method to get to the…

Complete Education

Complete Education

The real meaning of a “whole person” is a person who is complete. A complete person is a true person whose true soul never dies. Such a person…

Ultimate Solution For World Peace

Ultimate Solution For World Peace

Man would find life in the world easier if he knew and accepted the ways of the world. Only when man recovers his true self, the origin, will…

Human Completion

Human Completion

Human Completion   The Reason Man is Born into This World is to Live Forever When the Creator created man, he created man to resemble himself but man made…

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For The World To Become Complete

For The World To Become Complete

Only when one is reborn from the mind world into the true world, can the world become complete. Completion is when everything has been fulfilled…

The Noblest In The World

All People In The World Are Liars

What God Is

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World Peace Ambassador

World Peace Ambassador

“A person who subtracts his minds in this time will recover his original nature. Consequently, the…

Writer Of Truth

Spreader Of Truth

Speaker Of Truth

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Human Mind Universe Mind

Human Mind Universe Mind

What is Meditation? Meditation is changing human mind to universe mind and thus is being reborn as…

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The Great Master Woo Myung’s

The Great Master Woo Myung's Awarded Books

-Stop Living In This Land. Go To The Everlasting World…

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We, who do not seek from each other, are beautiful We, who help each other, are beautiful We…


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