Complete Education

Complete Education

Complete Education

The purpose of education is to make people complete. We define a complete and well-rounded person as one who has knowledge, virtue, physical ability, and artistic abilities. In China, such a person is 知仁勇, which means to have benevolence, knowledge and courage.

We say that a complete person is the one who is intelligent, benevolent, and courageous; but one does not become such a person by merely repeating those words.

The real meaning of a “whole person” is a person who is complete. A complete person is a true person whose true soul never dies. Such a person is called a saint. Man will live a life of righteousness when this term is no longer just empty words and jargon and he actually becomes a true person and lives as one. While man has craved and struggled to become complete, it has not been easy because he is incomplete and false. Completion means one must be alive, without death.

In order to become a complete person, a whole person, one must start subtracting from his mind, to which, until now, he has always added. Only then can he walk the path to human completion. Truth is revealed to the extent the pictures, which are false, have been discarded. Completion is when a man who is false becomes true. Until now people have always added more and more in their lives. However when one subtracts the pictures inside his false mind world and discards his self that is living in that false world, he can become complete and recover his original nature.

The purpose of education today is to teach people how to make a living. And even though there are studies of religion, ideology and philosophy, people just memorize these teachings, not knowing that they cannot become Truth, perfect existence, by memorizing and storing such things in their minds; thus they will never be able to see or become this perfect existence of Truth. When a person is completely free of his self-centered conceptions and behaviors, when he is reborn as the true existence, which is the never-dying universe itself, he can truly become a complete person. If one first becomes a whole person, a complete person, he will know all the ways of the world; consequently he will even better at his studies and live a better life.

The priority in education should first be to make people into Truth and then, to teach them how to make a living. Then, the entire world will become more prosperous. This is because, if the level of people’s consciousness becomes higher, or in other words, if they come to their original senses, everyone will live well because people will live for others. Only when we change our minds to that of Truth, God, will we be able to live together as one.

It is now the time of recovering one’s original nature. In these times, the country where people regain their original nature first will be the one where people live better lives. This meditation is the place where you can recover your original nature and since it is the place where it can actually be achieved, many people have come and many of them have already regained their original nature.

Completion is without want

Completion is to be forever without death

Completion is to accomplish all

Completion is to live forever

Only Truth, the Creator, is complete

Completion is the eternal never-dying body and mind

Completion is to have all

Completion is to become Truth itself

-Woo Myung


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