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This meditation offers programs, such as educations, workshops and lectures to external organizations, including the public sector, private corporations and the educational sector. The institute responsible for external programs is the Complete Education Research Institute.

The Complete Education Research Institute is an institute affiliated with the Society for the Study of Complete Education, established to provide the definite method for everyone to become a complete person, based on research performed by the Society for the Study of Complete Education.

The Society for the Study of Complete Education is an academic association of people from various academic fields; it was established with the purpose of adducing a solution to overcome the fundamental limitations that today’s education, learning and social system are confronted with. Moreover, since over 300 primary, junior high and high school teachers are participating in this study, it is a very practical association.


– Professionals from each field, such as industrial education, art and labor, gather at the Complete Education Research Institute, working so that everyone in the world becomes complete by recovering the true mind, our original nature.

– The program of Mind Subtraction – COEXIST (name of the program) by the Complete Education Research Institute was created on the basis of this meditation, which proclaims that the subtraction method is the concrete solution for humans to recover the original nature by casting away their self-centered ways of thinking. The program is not provocative but simple and profound; therefore, it has been making a leading change.

– Through the program of Mind Subtraction – COEXIST by the Complete Education Research Institute, each member of the institute can change his mind to the positive mind by eliminating his negative minds (self-centered thoughts, anger, hatred, sense of inferiority, bigotry, fixed conceptions, attachments, anxiety, stress). When one recovers one’s original nature, the positive mind, a beautiful organizational culture can be achieved.


The Complete Education Research Institute’s Mind Subtraction – COEXIST has been implemented by many public institutions, companies, social institutions and schools.

The program of Mind Subtraction – COEXIST has been offered to the following organizations:

Seoul City Department of Education / Ministry of Public Admisitration and Security – Leadership Course / Feamle Leadership Course / Happy Psychological Therapy / National Economic Advisory Council (Presidential Sceretary) / Ministry of Finance and Economy (the current Ministry of Strategy and Finance) / Seoul City Hall / the Forest Service / Ministry of Unification / The Office of Supporting North Korean Refugees / Construction and Management Office (the current Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs) / National Health Insurance Corporation / the Judicial Research and Training Institute / The National Environmental Protection Institute / Korea Banking Institute / Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute / Army staff college / The Forest Service’s Human Resource Management / Army aviation school / Saemaul Movement Central Training Institute / Ilsan city Judicial Research and Training Institute / Gyeong-gi National Police Agency / Korea Broadcasting Advertising Corporation / Korean Council for University Education, and more
Samsung SDI / Kia Motors / SK Telecommunications / LG Chemicals / Daewoo Shipbuilding / Sam Yang Corp. / Kumho Asiana Group / Maxcom Corp. / Shinhan Investment Corp. / Sony Electronics of Korea Corp. / Hyundai Hysco Co. / Pohang MBC Broadcasting Corp. / Samsung Women’s Basketball Team / Chungju MBC Broadcasting Corp. / Gangwon Traffic Broadcasting System / Geoje IPK Corp. / LG Chemicals Daesan Factory / Daegu SK Telecommunications / LG Chemicals Najoo Factory / Sejong Hospital / Multinational Defence and Security Gumi Research Institute / Han Hwa Petrochemicals Corp. / Korea Industrial Complex Corp. / Kyungbuk University Hospital / Chungnam City Gas Corp. / Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital / Yeoungnam University Medical Center / Oriental Hospital of Daejoen University / Busan City Institute for Early Childhood Education / Korean Hansen Welfare Association / Korean Women Labors Association, and more
Seoul National Univ. / KAIST / Korea Univ. / Ehwa Womans Univ. / Kyeongpook National Univ. / Busan National Univ. / Chungnam National Univ. / Kyeongsang National Univ. / Korea National University of Education / Busan National University of Education / Jinju National University of Education / Daegu National Univ. / Gunsan National Univ. / Daejeon National Univ. / Konyang Univ. / Seoul National Univ. Academy of Administration / Aju Univ. School of Natural Science / Daejeon National Univ. Graduate School of Public Health / Eulji Univ. School of Nursing / Youngnam Univ. School of Engineering / Dongah Univ. Graduate School of Education / Konkuk Univ. Graduate School of Business Administration / Incheon Gyesan Technical High School / Seong Su Girls’ High School Sudo Girls’ High School / Gyeong Sin High School / Jeju Foreign Language High School / Bucheon Ilsin Junior High School / Gimpo Singok Junior High School / Yongin Baek Hyun Junior High School / Gwangju Moonseong Junior High School / Inha University Junior High School / Korea Kyungjin School Sosaeul Kindergarten, and more

Their programs are tailored to each of the organizations to provide the most appropriate and helpful support.

Happy Psychological Therapy took place at the Local Government Officials Development Institute for 40 public servants, from October 31, 2012 to November 1, 2012 (a total of 11 hours).

The aim was to provide the opportunity to develop a habit of becoming happy with the application of the concept ‘Healthy Workplace’ that an individual must be healthy and happy to focus on one’s work.
Central Leadership Course (Commissioned Education) took place at Yongin Han Hwa Resort for 108 apprentice of the 12th Central Leadership Course (managers at municipal corporations), from November 14, 2012 to November 16, 2012.

The program was tailored to individuals through individual counseling. The program worked on subtraction of the mind and self-reflection to develop the positive and embracing mind, which is essential to lead any symbiotic development.

The program of Mind Subtraction – COEXIST has been taking the leading role in fostering a ‘happy city.’

After the implementation of the program of Mind Subtraction, a ‘Meditation Class’ has been established at Pohang’s City Hall. This meditation is provided to public servants on a regular basis, three times a week.


Meditation External Programs

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