Woo Myung founded this meditation in 1996, in order to teach the people of the world the method of human completion; the method to become Truth.

My purpose is for false people to recover their original nature in order that they may live a life of universal order and go to an eternal world without death where they can be reborn with the Soul and Spirit.
– Woo Myung


Woo Myung’s sole intention with this meditation has been always the same: to bring as many people as possible to human completion in the fastest and easiest way.

This meditation is a non-profit educational institution that provides guidance of the method of subtraction, the method of achieving human completion.

This meditation was founded in 1996 by Woo Myung. Due to his sincere dedication to teach people truth and the precise method to become complete, this meditation is one of the fastest growing organizations around the world. As the practitioners confirm that their false mind, i.e. stress and burden, disappears and they become to live as truth, many more are continuously involved in the practice for human completion.

As of January 2013, there are 336 centers all around the world and it continues to grow more rapidly.

Over 330 Meditation Centers operating worldwide

Opened Meditation Centers: Colombia, Guatemala, Hungary, Japan, Madagascar, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Sweden
Opened Meditation Centers: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, England, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, New Zealand, Philippines
1st University Students Camp

Main Center expands to include the Meditation Completion Center
1st Meditation Training course for Teachers

Cham Publishing Co. established and began to publish monthly magazine

Opened Meditation Centers: Boston, MA, New Jersey, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Hawaii,Philadelphia, Seattle
1st Youth Camp

Nonsan Main Center opens

Opened Meditation Centers: New York, Washington D.C., Canada, Australia, Japan



<A Miracle> Stop Living in this Land Go to the Everlasting World of Happiness Live There Forever

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