Human Completion

Human Completion

The Reason Man is Born into This World is to Live Forever

When the Creator created man, he created man to resemble himself but man made his own self-centered world by copying what is in the Creator’s world. This enabled civilization to progress but man lost his original nature and lived selfishly.

Man’s greed led to the accelerated population of the world. When the world is populated to capacity, the Creator will come to the world to save man. If mankind had lived without greed, they would have died out naturally. Human life, like the life of a mayfly, is meaningless but it is the will of the Creator to harvest man when the human population is at its densest – that is, to save people when there are as many people living in the world as possible. Now is the time of the harvest. Instead of dying full of regrets and resentment, man should live forever in the land of God by becoming one with the mind of God. The reason and purpose man comes into the world is to live forever.

The Time of Subtraction when Man Can Fulfill Human Completion Has Begun

Man is born with a mind that wants to possess, so he seeks satisfaction and happiness through possession. However, there is no end to such means; ultimately, he cannot be satisfied or happy. A mind full of greed is always anguished; and a life lived following one’s anguish is without action; it is a life with thoughts leading only to more thoughts.

If the past was the age of adding to one’s mind, now the age of subtracting what is in his mind has begun. Human completion is becoming God’s mind by subtracting all of one’s own mind.

One will then be able to live well for he will have wisdom and his mind that is the Soul and Spirit will live eternally.

Subtracting all human mind – all the mind one has, that he has “eaten” – is completion.

The Plan for Human Completion: Completely Subtract the Human Mind World and Be Reborn as Truth

Man has tried to achieve completion for a long time through various methods, by practicing asceticism or by following various religions. And although traces of these efforts to achieve completion can be seen and heard everywhere, there has never been a method, or plan, to achieve completion.

If one has achieved Truth, he must have a plan, a method, for anyone to do the same. A place that enables one to become Truth can do so because it has Truth.

Human Completion

Countless people have lived and passed away, but there has never been a method for human completion because the complete existence, the owner of the original foundation, had not come to the world. Man has been waiting for this Savior because only this true existence knows the way to become Truth, and can make man into Truth. The Savior is the one who saves the world. The plan for saving the world is to make man’s mind one with the mind of the origin of the world, and to enable man to be reborn in the land of Truth. Only the Savior knows how to do this, because the human mind world does not know the things of the world, Truth. The systematic, scientific method to erase the false human mind world – to become one with the mind of the real world when one completely erases the false human mind world – is openly available to the public at Meditation. This is the plan for human completion. By completely subtracting and erasing the human mind world, the place of Truth, completion, is revealed and when one is reborn in this world he achieves human completion. Being reborn as Truth is human completion.


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