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This meditation’s Main Center is located in South Korea and there are many local centers all around the world.

As of January 2013, a total of 336 local centers are in operation to help people throw away their false mind to become Truth, to achieve human completion.

Nonsan Main Center

When Woo Myung first taught people the method to become Truth, he instructed once a month. With the passage of time, more and more people became involved and thus he increased the frequency of instructions. When hundreds of people got involved in his teaching, he decided to open a center for them so they could meditate together in a group for better meditation. The main center was first established in Daegu City and moved to Nonsan City in 2001 as a larger place was required to accommodate more people. The main center is in operation every day throughout the year, purely for the benefit of the practitioners – to achieve human completion as soon as possible, which is Woo Myung’s all time intention.

This meditation Main Center is located at the foot of Mount Gyeryong National Park in Nonsan City, a city in the West region of South Korea. This is the headquarters of this Meditation Institution, where people all over the world gather and intensively practice the method of subtraction, which is indeed the fastest track to Truth.

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Here are some photographs of the main center.

Local Centers

Later on, Woo Myung decided to open centers in the local areas as not all people who were willing to become Truth could always attend the instructions at the main center. As Woo Myung’s only intention has been to bring as many people as possible to Truth, he did not forget those people who had to return to their local areas due to unavoidable responsibilities. In addition, the method to become Truth could spread faster and more widely if the centers were established in local areas around the world.

All the local centers are also in operation 365 days throughout the year from early morning to late night in order to accommodate the people so they can more easily achieve human completion. Throughout the world, more than 40,000 people have been actively involved in the movement for human completion, following Woo Myung’s teaching.

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Here are some photographs of the local centers.

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