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Meditation Method

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This meditation teaches how to cleanse falseness – the pictures of past memories – which we have accumulated through our self-centered experiences. It teaches us that we are the false minded illusions and that our bodies and minds must be cleansed. Then it teaches us to cleanse the universe in our delusional minds so that we can know and become Truth. From start to finish, this meditation is a place that focuses only on cleansing oneself. When one cleanses his self and everything in the universe, only the pure universe, Truth remains. This meditation is the place, where one is reborn as the body and mind of the pure universe and goes to heaven where life and death are one; it is the place to deny and cleanse the self; it is the place to cleanse the self because you can only be reborn as Truth when you are cleansed.


Level 1: Throwing away remembered thoughts

Level 2: Throwing away images of myself, images of human relationships, and myself

Level 3: Throwing away my body

Level 4: Throwing away my body and the universe

Level 5: Throwing away my body and the universe

Level 6: Self disappears by subtraction and becomes the Universe

Level 7: Throwing away the illusionary world of pictures and myself living inside that world


When you reflect upon yourself, you will see how self-centered and hypocritical you really are. When you truly throw away your self-centered and hypocritical self, you will be Truth, and there will be the world of Truth.

This meditation is the place to cleanse both body and mind to become Truth. As it is cleansed of falseness, your mind becomes clear and true, and thus, it becomes more comfortable. Because all illnesses are caused by the mind, there are many cases where people are cured from their illnesses and become healthier after practicing this mediation. This meditation exists in order to make human completion possible for everyone. Anyone can become a saint, know the flow of nature, and go to the forever-living heaven where life and death are one while living.

This meditation is the place where the ultimate purpose of mankind’s existence can be achieved. 

<What is Meditation?> The Way to Become a Person in Heaven while Living

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