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Woo Myung Begins the Journey

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Woo Myung was born in the middle of the Korean War. During his childhood, he suffered from hunger and poverty because of the ongoing war.  The loss of his family members triggered him to ponder upon the frailty of human life and the questions such as where man comes from, why he lives and where he goes when he dies. He was only 9 years old at the time.   The hardships he experienced from his early childhood led him to long for everlasting Truth and the method for everyone to become true.

“I sometimes wondered why in a world where everyone was created together, only some people became saints, while I remained an ordinary person.”

In order to find the answers, he read enormous amount of books, practiced almost all kinds of teachings and meditations available. However, the questions still remained unsolved; he could not find the precise answers although he had been searching his entire life. Unable to solve the perpetual riddle of his life, i.e. why man has to die after living in this way, he could not ever laugh properly.

 “It was my assignment of assignments, to figure out where man comes from, why he lives, and where he goes.”

Woo Myung Enlightens and Becomes Truth

Since no means could awaken him to truth, Woo Myung became resolved to find the answers, i.e. find truth, on his own. He planned to examine life’s questions through meditation by going into the mountains where he would be surrounded by nature. Through the intense introspection, he completely discarded his life experiences, attachments and any lingering minds. In January of 1996, while meditating in the Gaya Mountains of South Korea, Woo Myung achieved enlightenment and became Truth itself.

 “I look to the Universe and surmise its true will. The true will is one that is absent of any attachments. To be absent of attachment means to be confined to nothing. It means to be liberated and to liberate. It is the state absent of one’s individual attachments. It is the state of liberation.”

Destiny to Teach Truth

Upon the enlightenment of truth, Woo Myung realized that it was his fate to teach Truth to the people of the world and since then, he spent many sleepless nights  writing. In his book, World beyond World, he wrote, “Finally, the Truth was revealed and I realized that the Truth was I, myself. Also I realized that because I am the Truth, my destiny is to teach the Truth to all mankind. Since November of 1996 I have been teaching the Truth to others. In June 1997, I ended my academic career and focused solely on teaching the Truth to others.”

Woo Myung Establishes This Meditation: Light to Mankind’s Enigma

As people heard of the news of Woo Myung’s enlightenment, many of them visited  him. This was the beginning of his teaching of Truth. In the beginning, Woo Myung gave one instruction per month. As more became involved, he instructed twice per month and gradually increased the frequency of the instruction to four times per month. Now, he gives many-hour-long lectures and guidance to people around the world every day. As of December 2012, over three hundred thousand people are involved in this meditation, following his teaching and practicing the method to discard their false mind, and many of them have become Truth. Woo Myung truly shed light – the method to become Truth – on the ways of the world which had been a constant enigma.

Woo Myung’s Sole Will: Saving People to the True World

Woo Myung’s sole will is to save people from their false world to the true world, the world of oneness, where eternal peace, great freedom and everlasting happiness exist.  He has dedicated all his time and effort to teach the public how to become complete. He says the method of becoming complete is to discard one’s false body and mind and to be reborn with the real body and mind of the origin. This is a universal method that works for everyone regardless of gender, age, religion, race or ethnic backgrounds.

Woo Myung’s pure goal was to gradually spread Truth all over the world. Therefore, when many people achieved enlightenment  he was tremendously inspired, compared to his own enlightenment.

“With the title of doe-in (True Person), I awaken people.

I cannot describe the joy I felt when after sleepless nights meditating together,

Those countless people who had laughed and cried within their fifty thousand agonies,

enlightened to the Truth.

I had more joy in their enlightenment than I had in mine and each
time man’s consciousness changed from falseness to Truth, That joy was boundless.

I, also, had felt happy when I escaped from the grave and came out into the world.

It is the first time that people are coming into this enlightenment.”

His Compassion to Awaken People Never Ends

With his everlasting patience, Woo Myung always encourages people to let go of their agonies and truly find who they are even though people sometimes resist throwing them away due to their ignorance. Woo Myung earnestly pities them as they are lost within:

Don’t live by yourself far from home only to die and disappear. Come back to your birthplace, cleanse away your sins and become a new person. It is the state of freedom and liberation, free from all human suffering and all human conceptions and habits. It is a place beyond everything of the human world. Let’s live forever with peace of mind and freedom.


Also, his extraordinary dedication to teach every person to weigh off his burdens has truly touched hearts of many:
“those who did not give up, who were not fickle and had thankfulness are still meditating and are close to completion.”

The world is wide and I am living a human life,
With only seventy to eighty years.
I have so much to do in the world
So regardless of whether it is day or night,
I dedicate all my time to teaching Truth to people.
With the thought that I must awaken people in all corners of the earth,
My mind is busy, so busy.
And I am waiting and waiting
For the day when all people have become complete
And all people are able to live.
It is my hope that before I die,
Truth will be spread all over the world
And everyone will be resurrected as Truth.
I pity people; living then dying without meaning or purpose,
It is heartbreaking.
My will is to work hard
So that even one more person may live.

-Woo Myung


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