The Way To Become Truth Is That The Self Must Disappear

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The Way to Become Truth Is That the Self Must Disappear

The way to become truth is that the self must disappear. Even through human history, many saints have said that the self should disappear. We have heard many sayings, such as ‘One should become nature without the self,’ however, it is not easy to find people who actually try hard to throw away the self. Humans have a sense of superiority, love only themselves, and live their life only for themselves. However, the self is the complete opposite of the truth that so many people want to become. Only when the self is eliminated, can they get closer to the life of the truth.

There is a folk story in Korea that was passed down from generation to generation. It is called the Story of Star and Sun. It tells through an interesting story how the stars and the moon in the night sky were created, just like the American folk stories regarding the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy.

A long, long time ago, two sisters named Star and Moon lived. They were put in a situation where they had to visit another village. They had to climb over a mountain to get there but a scary tiger was living in that mountain. Not just anyone could easily climb up that mountain but the brave sisters decided to climb over the mountain. Unsurprisingly, they met the tiger. The tiger said to the sisters that if they gave up one arm to him, he would save their lives. The sisters gave him an arm. Then, they continued their way through the mountain. But they encountered the tiger once again and this time, the tiger urged them to give up a kidney, so they gave it to the tiger. Throughout their way, the tiger continued urging them to give their body parts. They eventually gave everything of them. Even though their selves, Star and Moon, disappeared, they became the moon and star in the sky and lived happily ever after.

The self that people currently think of as their self is false. Just as Star and Moon were eaten up by the tiger, the self must be eliminated completely; then, the universe mind that is the origin appears. Humans must return to the mind of the universe and be born as the soul that never dies eternally. Then, they shall live the everlasting life that is the truth. If one tries to accomplish the truth while holding onto the self, it would never work. This is the same principle as when the sun cannot be seen if it is covered up by clouds. We can describe this through an analogy where the clouds are the self and the sun is the truth, the universe mind. Truth can be revealed when the self disappears.

Furthermore, there is a way for human to live forever if one becomes the truth that is real. The human body lasts on average about seventy to eighty years. And, humans believe that they go somewhere after they die. However, when human dies, that’s the end. Human does not go anywhere. The brain stops functioning upon death. Then, how can one know or even think about where they are going to? Upon death, it is just the end for humans. However, if humans become the true mind that exists forever and are born again as the soul that is truth, while living, the soul exists as it is even though this body disappears. That is the real purpose and reason why humans were born.

This meditation method that the Master Woo Myung has created is causing a sensation throughout the world. The reason is that there is the method of becoming truth while living – the method of living as the life that never dies eternally, while living. Now, it is the generation that everyone can become truth and everyone can prove it by themself. If one can really become truth through a method, the teacher who teaches that method must be truth, mustn’t it? It is said that only last year, thousands of people have already become the mind of the truth and live the life of the truth through this meditation. An educational institution of this meditation is the school of becoming the truth. Now, it is everyone’s turn to become so.

From Master Woo Myung’s book, Stop Living In This Land Go To The Everlasting World Of Happiness Live There Forever

Salvation Is Not Your Self Living

Why do people need salvation and what exactly is salvation? It is the way of the world that all things in creation come from the original foundation and return to the original foundation. This is the law of nature. But man is false and an illusion, so this falseness must be eliminated if he is to return to the world and be born as a real person. This is what the salvation of man is. Man can only be saved when he is reborn in his mind that has become the world. Or in other words, only when his false self has completely disappeared, can he become real.

The mythical stories of human completion and people living in eternal heaven spoke of the current age: God, Buddha and heaven exist in man’s mind if his mind changes from falseness to the real mind of the origin, and he is then reborn from the origin. Until now it was the age of incompletion, an age when people read religious scriptures and just talked about Truth; but now it is the age when all people can become Truth and complete, and anyone can become a saint and an eternally living immortal. While in the past people only added to their minds, now people can become complete and live in heaven if they subtract what is in their minds. This is precisely the method of this meditation – it shows you how to discard your false delusions, be born from Truth, and become a true person.

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