Faith by Woo Myung


Faith by Woo Myung



Faith generally means

to believe in a certain subject,

but true faith means

to believe in what one has within oneself.

To merely believe in a subject

is to believe in an image of one’s own delusions.

To have faith in what is within

is to believe because the heart believes.

This is true faith.

Even when it comes to believing in Truth,

believing in some vague truth is

to believe in a truth of one’s own conceptions and habits.

In other words, delusion breeds faith in a delusional truth.

To have faith in the fact that Truth exists inside you,

is for you to have Truth;

furthermore, to believe it with your heart,

for true faith means to believe with the heart.


True faith is when

one’s true heart – one’s true Mind – believes that Truth exists.

In the Bible, there is the phrase,

“to believe with the heart and answer with the mouth.”

This means that one must acknowledge

that Jesus Christ, who is Truth,

exists in one’s heart – in the Mind inside oneself –

and answer with one’s mouth that, indeed, Truth exists;

this means that person has been enlightened

and that he has received an answer to his prayer of repentance.


– Woo Myung


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