Up In The Air


I’m up in the air
Choices drifting by me everywhere.
And I can’t find the one
That would help me do the work I’ve left undone,
‘Cause I’m up in the air.

I’m making some plans,
Finding out there’s always new demands.
And I can’t be precise;
When people ask me what I’m doing with my life,
I say, “It’s up in the air”

I’m hearing from friends.
It’s that tired, old advice again:
“You just cannot keep floating all around.
Oh, you got to get your feet back on the ground.”
But it’s hard to come down
When you’re up in the air.

I’m traveling in my car,
Always lost, though I don’t go that far.
I find that I can live most anywhere.
Everyone I meet has so much they can share.
But I don’t settle down,
‘Cause I’m up in the air.

I’m thinking of my past,
The comfort in my home that couldn’t last.
Now my family tells me work for your success,
And they want to see me find some happiness.
But I’m not sure where that is,
‘Cause I’m up in the air.

I’m talking with my peers,
Listening to them tell their inner fears.
Some have lives that haven’t gone the way they planned,
And some are trapped in situations they can’t stand.
But I don’t want the same for me,
So I stay up in the air.

I’m out in the woods;
Something here does my heart so good.
I breathe the air, and I know that I’m alive.
And I stare at all the birds as they fly by.
I guess it all comes down to them,
‘Cause they’re up in the air…

Up In The Air

Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) is a corporate downsizer. His job is to travel all around the US by airplane and lay off employees as kindly as possible by giving them hope for a new life afterwards through good and persuasive speaking skills to minimize their shock. The theme of his lecture is “What’s in your backpack?” and he talks about living free from relationships or unnecessary burdens in the backpack. Through his lecture, he shows his way of life, that he lives on the airplane more than 300 days out of the year. The movie ends with Ryan Bingham looking back at his life whether it has been actually up in the air after he achieves the 7th ten-million-mile frequent flyer in America, which has been a personal goal in his life.

I believe this movie is like a mirror that reflects how modern people live. They keep firm in their own conviction and run for their own purpose; that’s all about their life. Ryan considers himself a free soul, who is different from other ordinary people. But has he actually been enjoying true freedom? Is he happier? I believe that the movie gives a good ending and passes the homework to audiences to answer what true freedom is, what human lives for, what human runs for, what the answers to life are, and what it means to live.

Fleeting Human Life

from Teacher Woo Myung’s book “Stop Living In The Land Go To The Everlasting World Of Happiness Live There Forever”

All people have periods of happiness and unhappiness.

Even if a person has a family that other people envy,

there is unhappiness within it.

He may wish for whatever causing this unhappiness

to be resolved, but when it happens,

he wishes for something else.

Wishing for human happiness is a manifestation

of the sense of inferiority in one’s mind.

Even if man achieves everything he wants,

he eventually dies, and the past is all a dream.

If man lives knowing the way to live forever,

he would know what he needs to do.

Man is an entity that does not know anything.

His only with is to get or gain things that he wants,

but this wish is just an expression of his delusions.

Time flows by, and all those whose lives have come to an end

have disappeared from the world.

Everything they wanted to achieve were like dreams,

dreamt during a brief nap.

Those who only exist in their thoughts have vanished,

without having done or achieved anything.

Man does not know the ways of the world

because he is not born in the world,

and he has never been born in the world.

He does not know the principle

that he exists because the world exists.

He has made his own world

by copying the things in the world,

and he lives within this mind world,

ignorant of where he came from and where he will go.

He runs around, for the fulfillment of his satisfaction only,

but no one can turn back the tide of time.

Only God can give man birth in the world without time;

only God can give salvation.

Salvation is giving one birth in the world without time,

and allowing him to live there.

There, time does not exist

so there is no birth, death, aging or sickness,

and because time does not exist,

one is an eternal never-dying immortal.

Man cannot prevail over time;

only God can take man

to the world that he prevailed over time –

the world that is beyond time.

Blaming the world and time,

suffering and sadness,

aging, sickness, birth and death,

desires, anger and foolishness,

the five desires and seven sins;

these things all exist in human life – the world of sin,

but they do not exist in the true world – the world of God.

The Way To Become Truth Is That The Self Must Disappear

Full Moon_33578968

The Way to Become Truth Is That the Self Must Disappear

The way to become truth is that the self must disappear. Even through human history, many saints have said that the self should disappear. We have heard many sayings, such as ‘One should become nature without the self,’ however, it is not easy to find people who actually try hard to throw away the self. Humans have a sense of superiority, love only themselves, and live their life only for themselves. However, the self is the complete opposite of the truth that so many people want to become. Only when the self is eliminated, can they get closer to the life of the truth.

There is a folk story in Korea that was passed down from generation to generation. It is called the Story of Star and Sun. It tells through an interesting story how the stars and the moon in the night sky were created, just like the American folk stories regarding the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy.

A long, long time ago, two sisters named Star and Moon lived. They were put in a situation where they had to visit another village. They had to climb over a mountain to get there but a scary tiger was living in that mountain. Not just anyone could easily climb up that mountain but the brave sisters decided to climb over the mountain. Unsurprisingly, they met the tiger. The tiger said to the sisters that if they gave up one arm to him, he would save their lives. The sisters gave him an arm. Then, they continued their way through the mountain. But they encountered the tiger once again and this time, the tiger urged them to give up a kidney, so they gave it to the tiger. Throughout their way, the tiger continued urging them to give their body parts. They eventually gave everything of them. Even though their selves, Star and Moon, disappeared, they became the moon and star in the sky and lived happily ever after.

The self that people currently think of as their self is false. Just as Star and Moon were eaten up by the tiger, the self must be eliminated completely; then, the universe mind that is the origin appears. Humans must return to the mind of the universe and be born as the soul that never dies eternally. Then, they shall live the everlasting life that is the truth. If one tries to accomplish the truth while holding onto the self, it would never work. This is the same principle as when the sun cannot be seen if it is covered up by clouds. We can describe this through an analogy where the clouds are the self and the sun is the truth, the universe mind. Truth can be revealed when the self disappears.

Furthermore, there is a way for human to live forever if one becomes the truth that is real. The human body lasts on average about seventy to eighty years. And, humans believe that they go somewhere after they die. However, when human dies, that’s the end. Human does not go anywhere. The brain stops functioning upon death. Then, how can one know or even think about where they are going to? Upon death, it is just the end for humans. However, if humans become the true mind that exists forever and are born again as the soul that is truth, while living, the soul exists as it is even though this body disappears. That is the real purpose and reason why humans were born.

This meditation method that the Master Woo Myung has created is causing a sensation throughout the world. The reason is that there is the method of becoming truth while living – the method of living as the life that never dies eternally, while living. Now, it is the generation that everyone can become truth and everyone can prove it by themself. If one can really become truth through a method, the teacher who teaches that method must be truth, mustn’t it? It is said that only last year, thousands of people have already become the mind of the truth and live the life of the truth through this meditation. An educational institution of this meditation is the school of becoming the truth. Now, it is everyone’s turn to become so.

From Master Woo Myung’s book, Stop Living In This Land Go To The Everlasting World Of Happiness Live There Forever

Salvation Is Not Your Self Living

Why do people need salvation and what exactly is salvation? It is the way of the world that all things in creation come from the original foundation and return to the original foundation. This is the law of nature. But man is false and an illusion, so this falseness must be eliminated if he is to return to the world and be born as a real person. This is what the salvation of man is. Man can only be saved when he is reborn in his mind that has become the world. Or in other words, only when his false self has completely disappeared, can he become real.

The mythical stories of human completion and people living in eternal heaven spoke of the current age: God, Buddha and heaven exist in man’s mind if his mind changes from falseness to the real mind of the origin, and he is then reborn from the origin. Until now it was the age of incompletion, an age when people read religious scriptures and just talked about Truth; but now it is the age when all people can become Truth and complete, and anyone can become a saint and an eternally living immortal. While in the past people only added to their minds, now people can become complete and live in heaven if they subtract what is in their minds. This is precisely the method of this meditation – it shows you how to discard your false delusions, be born from Truth, and become a true person.

The Carrie Diaries

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The Carrie Diaries

The Carrie Diaries on the CW is a prequel to the HBO’s hit series, Sex and the City. The Pilot episode was picked up on May 12, 2012 and aired as Season 1 on January 14, 2013. Season 1 depicts the high school days of a sixteen-year-old Carrie Bradshaw in 1984. She works as an apprentice for a legal office in Manhattan and has just begun to open her eyes to fashion. As a prequel to Sex and the City, psychological descriptions of each of the characters have been genuinely done. It raises nostalgia of the 1980’s about fashion, rock, disco music, diners and so on. Even though it is a high school drama about teenagers’ love, it is also perfect for the 40’s and over as it also reminds them of their early ages.

The teenaged Carrie from this series is quite different from the Carrie played by Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex and the City. She is still fresh and does not know well about boys. So viewers can watch this series from the viewpoint of how Carrie gradually opens up to boys and fashion. Human is like this: we do not know anything in the beginning. Everyone knows nothing in the beginning. While watching this drama, I was even curious about how such a pure girl transforms into the fancy Carrie Bradshaw of her later years. What I have realized while watching this series is that human life begins from nothing but no one knows how a person eventually ends up. Someone might look dumb and not good enough. However, he/she grows up through learning experiences, trials and tribulations. Carrie too experiences heartbreaking moments and painful experiences with boys. As an adult, she becomes a sex columnist based on her experiences. Essentially, we cannot foresee what will happen in the end by looking at the beginning.

It would be the same of your life. At the moment, you might think that your life is dark, you cannot know anything, and you might feel difficulty. However, there is a saying that no one knows the future, isn’t there? Just as there are days and nights in the world, a person’s life also has days and nights. Even though you are experiencing the night at the moment, it is also nature’s law that day comes. There is an old saying that every dog has his day. What you are doing now might look insignificant and not good enough. However, if you keep having sincerity and diligently do what you do consistently, a bright day will come, definitely. As such, Carrie has eventually become a career woman everyone envies. The Carrie Diaries shows us through Carrie that we all need time and experience in order to grow.

From Master Woo Myung’s book, The Way To Become A Person In Heaven While Living

From the World of Hardships to the World Free of It

Do you find it easy to live in this world?
During a time when the world changes everyday
People cannot keep a steady mind
People are out of their minds
Do you find it easy to live in this world?
When times change
It is difficult to live in such changing times
When times change
One who changes with the times
Has little trouble making ends meet
One who resists the changing times
One who is far from reality
Has trouble making ends meet

Because the world does not follow your selfish expectations
Because the world does not unfold as you please
Your life is difficult
However when you live unbound to
Either living well or living with difficulties
When you live from the world’s perspective
And work diligently, just do your work
Live without self
And just live without your self that has difficulty
Then there is no pain, no hell and no anxiety
And you will live a good life
Instead of blaming the world and others
A person must cleanse that mind of his that blames others
Then the world becomes bright, the world becomes one
One who knows that it is not the faults and mistakes of others
But that it is his own fault, and that everything is his own sin
Is the wise one
When you repent your sins
And live as truth, the true self
The world is heaven, the world will be full of pleasure
It is the one world
Where there is no ‘this world’, no ‘that world’
No matter how hard you try to live for the self
There are no results, there is no meaning or value
But if you live for the world
In the one world
There will be pleasure in the mind
There will be contentment in the mind

Because there is no fortune, no Truth in their minds
People are in wanting
They have no place to rest in their minds
People just follow the false and end up in the false world
It is a life with no meaning, no value
When one builds false fortunes within his self
And accumulates false fortunes within his self
There is no meaning
The matters of life pass like wind and water
His life is difficult
Because he lives only for his greedy self
When one pursues only wealth and fame, his demons grow
There is no meaning; life is only full of falseness

Only a person who has Truth within the true mind
Will live eternally with that fortune, free of troubles
This is the best way of living

Story About Lies And Double Crosses, American Hustle

Sony Pictures Entertainment
Sony Pictures Entertainment

Story About Lies And Double Crosses

Christian Bale from The Dark Knight, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence from Silver Linings Playbook, and Amy Adams from Man of Steel… the best of the best Hollywood movie stars were casted to make this movie, American Hustle. Due to its casting, the movie made the news even during production. Surely, the movie was nominated for this year’s Oscar for various categories. American Hustle would not be as fancy as Hollywood Blockbuster movies, like the “Transformer” movie series. However, it is fancy and charming enough containing marvelous acting by the leading actors and actresses of Hollywood.

The basic synopsis is that a conning couple, Irving (Christian Bale) and Sydney (Amy Adams), live by scamming others. They lie to people who need money pretending to mediate for them to get a loan and in turn, receive a commission. Then, that’s it. No more interaction with them. But one day, they are entrapped in an undercover investigation carried out by an FBI agent named Richie (Bradley Cooper). They accept Richie’s suggestion to be exempt from sentencing if they cooperate with his investigation. In the meantime, Richie is blinded by greed for his success and forces his reckless plan, which is to put Carmine Polito (Jeremy Renner), a New Jersey politician, into jail by revealing the truth about his corruption. In the beginning, the plan seems to work well because of the intelligent Irving couple. However, soon they become mixed up with the mafia and things go downhill from there. Furthermore, his wife, Rosalyn (Jennifer Lawrence) falls in love with a person in the mafia family and a variety of treacherous events play out.

All of the actors and actresses from this movie act tremendously well. As I watched the movie, I realized that we cannot really know people’s inner minds. We already know so well that human mind is fickle like the weather. That fickle human mind has been depicted very cleverly in this movie. It comes to the conclusion that you can’t trust anyone in the world. Obviously, some exaggeration has been made in the movie because it is a movie. But frankly speaking, let’s think about how fickle people’s mind actually is… There is even a saying that I cannot trust anyone. Ask yourself for real. How many people can you actually truly trust? Human should have no minds. The inside and outside should be the same.

Humans have layers and layers of mind like the layers of an onion. There are countless layers. So it is very natural for humans to change their mind so often. Humans live life with millions of different kinds of minds that always change. That’s why they cannot really know what life is all about. Millions of different kinds of minds that change are all false. Human mind is false because it can disappear when you throw it away. People did not know the method of throwing away the mind because they have not learned it in school or from their parents. But fortunately, now, the method of throwing away the mind has come to the world. If humans throw away their millions of different kinds of minds through a method, we come to have mind of nothingness. When you do not have any mind, you would instead become a wise person, not a fool.

The empty mind of nothingness is the universe emptiness. The universe emptiness is the origin of all of the creations in the world and is the original foundation. And this is also human’s original mind. Human is originally supposed to live with this mind of the origin. As nature also lives with this original mind of emptiness, it is living the life of great freedom and liberation. However, only human has added all kinds of dirty human mind to this original mind. Therefore, only humans don’t live in this world and instead live trapped in the human mind that the self has made. And that mind has become pain and burden.

However, there is now the method of throwing away the mind. Last year, thousands of people became complete by throwing away all of the human mind and becoming the universe mind, that is, mind of oneness and origin. They are living happily and joyfully in the true world.

In American Hustle, the characters have been exaggeratedly expressed to make the story more interesting. But the director might have tried to satirize the reality of the world where people full of greed live with lies and double crosses. It is difficult to find the truth from human. The truth can be found when human subtracts all the layers of his mind; when they disappear completely, there is the mind of the foundation that still exists. That is only the truth. Shouldn’t human live truly by living in the world, not in his mind?

This meditation has the method of throwing away the mind that is false in order to find the mind of the truth. Now, anyone can prove to themselves by seeing their changes through the method, and anyone can live with the mind of the truth in the world. We were actually born in such a fantastic world.

From the Great Master Woo Myung’s book, Stop Living In This World Go To The Everlasting World Of Happiness Live There Forever

My Will

Deep into the night, a nameless bird

Sings sadly from a tree.

Long ago, while I was studying

In a mountain temple, steeped in solitude,

The hoot of an owl and the gurgle of a flowing stream

Would sound throughout the night.

Those lonely times of solitude

Have changed to longing.

There was a time when there were countless thoughts

Boiling over like porridge in my mind;

A time chased by my surrounding circumstances

Without having achieved anything.

Now with hindsight I can see that it is fortunate

That even though I had big ideals

I was not able to fulfill them.

I was not a great person;

And I lived disliking myself,

Ridiculing and ignoring myself,

Cursing at myself that I was a wrongful person.

Perhaps this is why I did not have much to repent.

Because I did not have a sense of superiority

And my mind was always humble,

I worked hard.

The result was that I lived well

Compared to the days of scarcity in my childhood.

In the time that has passed silently by,

When I first started teaching Truth in Mount Gaya,

Every night the cry of an owl

Would resonate in my lonely mind.

Everyone who sought me out

Came to me with fifty thousand thoughts,

And as they shed these fifty thousand agonies

They showed the forms of their minds

In fifty thousand ways,

Depending on what minds they had consumed.

Only then did I realize that man is uglier, dirtier

And infinitely more vile than I am.

When I had scolded myself,

Telling myself that I was dirty, ugly,

And the worst person in the world,

It had been an unknowing repentance.

With the title of doe-in,

I awaken people.

I cannot describe the joy I felt

When after sleepless nights meditating together,

Those countless people who had laughed and cried

Within their fifty thousand agonies, enlightened to the Truth.

I had more joy in their enlightenment than I had in mine

And each time man’s consciousness changed from falseness to Truth

That joy was boundless.

I, also, had felt happy when I escaped from the grave

And came out into the world.

It is the first time that people are coming into this enlightenment.

As the founder, the fact that people actually achieved Truth,

Was especially moving.

Even though people’s fifty thousand agonies decreased

As they moved up through the levels,

Inside the framework of ‘self’ that man grimly holds onto to the end,

Those who tried to achieve Truth with their false selves,

Whose false selves try to enlighten to the Truth,

Were unable to ignore their false selves,

Unable to progress further and ultimately did not achieve Truth.

However those who were like bears,

Who did not give up, who were not fickle and had thankfulness

Are still meditating and are close to completion.

Without a sound time has flown by

And another twelve, thirteen years have passed.

I, who started during my mid-forties,

Now my hair has turned grey

And my youth and energy have vanished.

I am at the end of my middle age, entering into old age;

With gray hair and ground down teeth; a wrinkled grandpa.

My body does not move as I will it to, as it did in my youth.

The world is wide and I am living a human life,

With only seventy to eighty years.

I have so much to do in the world

So regardless of whether it is day or night,

I dedicate all my time to teaching Truth to people.

With the thought that I must awaken people in all corners of the earth,

My mind is busy, so busy.

And I am waiting and waiting

For the day when all people have become complete

And all people are able to live.

It is my hope that before I die,

Truth will be spread all over the world

And everyone will be resurrected as Truth.

I pity people; living then dying without meaning or purpose,

It is heartbreaking.

My will is to work hard

So that even one more person may live.

The World Of The Living Dead

The World Of The Living Dead
source : conceptartworld.com

The World Of The Living Dead

Now is the generation of zombie films. Since 1968 with George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead,’ the concept of ‘zombies’ started to be known to the world. Then, like a trend, many movies based on zombies have been produced. ‘Zombie’ is originally referred to corpses that have been revived with a magical method by a bocor in the American West Indies. However, the word has a contradicting meaning of ‘the living dead.’ Their consciousness is obviously dead but they wander around as if their body is living. Even though they are fictional characters, how they have been created would definitely reflect our lifestyle. The modern people are unaware of where we came from and where we go, and blindly follow others and live as a slave of the society system. When watching zombie films, we sometimes feel sorry for chasing zombies at the back rather than the main characters being chased. This is probably because we saw how we are living in the modern time from the chasing zombies. The reason why zombie films are popular would be also because it implicitly has such an ironic meaning. Wouldn’t the world be already the world of the living dead?

When giving a deeper thought about ‘a dead state of the consciousness,’ it should not be viewed lightly. Since we think that the body that we regard ‘living’ is ‘moving around,’ we believe that we are ‘living.’ But could we actually express the organic body as ‘living’ if its spirit is not really ‘living’? Let’s imagine that one has dead state of brain that is responsible for thinking even though the body is living. Then, can we really say the one as ‘living state’? In other words, if our brain and consciousness are filled only with rubbish that is not the real ‘living soul,’ would that consciousness really be the real one? Zombies walk and run as if their bodies are alive but their spirit within are empty – dead. Our body without true soul and spirit are not much different from zombies. How scary the reality is.

We would not regard a zombie as a living individual. Like in the same way, if our soul and spirit are not living, we cannot say that we are ‘living’ at the moment. Moreover, let’s suppose that the body that we mistakenly think living even vanishes. If the body dies after its lifespan and burns in fire, then the existence of ‘me’ would not remain at all. We are not different at all from zombies executed and burnt in fire.

If you think you have soul, please take a close look upon yourself. If your consciousness is formed of the life experiences that you have had and your self-centered thoughts, that is not real soul. They are nothing more than illusions when seen from the viewpoint of the world. However, one, who has the consciousness that is the mind of the world itself, would remain as the true soul and spirit even after one’s body dies and vanishes. This is because the mind of the world itself is the never-changing and everlasting existence. If there is not a true soul within you right at this moment, you are also a zombie, a living dead. If you have ever felt yourself as a zombie or if you want to know a meaning of the true soul, I would like to recommend you to encounter with the Great Master Woo Myung’s definition of soul.

The True Meaning Of The Soul And Spirit

We are told that we each have a soul that remains after we die, and many people believe this to be true.

The Creator of the infinite Universe consists of the Holy Ghost and Holy Spirit. This existence is the basic element of the Universe’s origin and all things are the children of this Soul and Spirit. The land of Energy and Light, or the original land of the Creator, is a place where all creations in the world have been saved as Energy and Light, but only man is dead because he has not become one with this Energy and Light. When man discards falseness and becomes Truth, namely when he becomes this Energy and Light itself, the Universe will become complete. There is no one who can live without becoming resurrected as the Soul and Spirit which is Truth itself. All things that exist, the trees, mountains, water and creations, are Truth’s Soul and Spirit and they have also all been born in heaven. But man is dead; he is trapped inside a grave that is his self because of his sins.

If one cannot unite with the Soul and Spirit which is Truth, he is on his way to hell and death. Hell is a place that does not exist; like a dream, it is an illusion. Living in an illusion is hell.

If man is compared to an onion, what remains when all layers of an onion have been peeled? The Universe will remain. The Universe must then be reborn as the onion.

Man is wrapped in thousands of times more layers of “self ” than the layers of an onion. When he sheds all the layers of his delusional self that is wrapped around his mind, the Soul and Spirit of the Universe – Truth – remains. If this Soul and Spirit of the great Universe then becomes his self, his individual self becomes complete. He has a Soul and Spirit of Truth so he lives forever in the land of Truth.

What is believed to be man’s soul is one’s false self that has tens of thousands times more layers than an onion. This soul is not a true soul, so it is dead.

Whether one lives or dies depends on him becoming Truth.

We must all live, as the Soul and Spirit, the Energy and Light, of Truth.

From “Heaven’s Formula For Saving The World” by Woo Myung

A Story of Sisyphus

A Story of Sisyphus
Sisyphus (1548-1549) by Titian, Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain

A Story Of Sisyphus

When talking about vanity of a tough human life, Sisyphus is often mentioned. He is known as a figure in the Greek Mythology who constructed a Greek commercial city, Corinth. Even though he was an extraordinarily intelligent and smart king, he often deceived others with his outstanding talents to satisfy his greed or disturb god’s wills. Therefore, he was regarded rather disgraceful by gods. One day, Zeus, the most supreme god, was kidnapping a fairy but Sisyphus rescued her with his intelligence. This aroused fiery anger of not only Zeus but also other gods. Zeus gave Sisyphus punishment that he cannot escape forever as a consequence of disturbing works of gods. That punishment was to roll a huge rock up to a steep cliff. Once he rolled the rock up to the peak, it rolled down to the bottom again. So, he had to start over rolling the rock up. This punishment never ended and he had to repeat this forever and ever; therefore, it was the worst punishment that was more terrifying than any other punishments.

Probably that’s why many people often describe a story of Sisyphus to human life. “Why was I born in the world and why do I live?” “What is the true purpose of life?” “What happens after death?” We have had those never-solved questions in our mind. Our human life was that we had to live day by day without knowing where we were heading to. Human inevitably die after living 80~90 years and we know that nothing from the life remains upon death. It is exactly the same as Sisyphus who had to roll the rock up to the peak while knowing that it would fall back down. We cannot help but repeat a meaningless life that will vanish someday. We all put a lot of effort to find answers to questions of life; however, we cannot find any sort of answer and must end our life. Such a futile life of human is very alike a story of Sisyphus.

Why should our human life be so meaningless? The reason is because the life that you think you live does not actually exist; it is nothing more than a series of illusions that have been simply made by your five senses. Because it is an illusion, not only it does not have any meaning but also it does not have anything real; it is the world of illusion that only exists in your mind. From the moment human was born, he lives only within that illusion that he himself has made, rather than in the real world. Therefore, he is dead without life and knows nothing about the principles of the world. Due to that stupidity, some mistakenly think that penance of the entire life will end upon death. However, that is just like dying without being able to wake up from a dream. They are ignorant of the certain principle that the self trapped in the false world cannot disappear by oneself. Actually, disappearing from the world while living as the false self without any meaning and purpose and eternally being trapped in that is not different at all from the endless punishment that Sisyphus had.

What would have happened if there was the way for Sisyphus to escape from that punishment? If he could disconnect the connection to that endless pain, he would have gone through any kind of ordeals. Likewise, what if we have the way to change the life within the illusion in which we do not have life now at all and die forever to the eternal life that only has joy and happiness? If we have such a method, we would surely exchange that for the entire wealth we have. More surprisingly, do you know that such a method is already out in the world?

That is a seven-level of ‘mind subtraction’ of this meditation that changes the false human mind to the true universe mind. More than 350,000 people have already experienced this subtraction method throughout the world. Among them, 3,213 people who have completed the whole course of the study put a definite period to the tread-wheel-like human fate that we had to endlessly roll the rock like Sisyphus and have obtained the eternal life. Now that there is the method, everyone can escape from the wheel of pain, while living, and be reborn as the true existence of the origin and live forever. In other words, we do not need to feel deafened or bitter by describing irrationality of human life to a story of Sisyphus.

For the false existence to obtain life and live forever… it is the very first moment that it comes true since human history. It is like a miracle. Sometimes, it is too unbelievable to accept this. However, people are obtaining the eternal life more and more even at this moment; therefore, it is causing sensation throughout the world. Then, what about you? Would you like to live, like the 3,213 people, in the real world with everlasting joy and happiness forever without any kind of pain, fear, anxiety, sorrow and stress, or roll the rock that endlessly falls down forever up, like Sisyphus, within the tread wheel of death without exit and salvation?

From <Stop Living In This Land Go To The Everlasting World Of Happiness Live There Forever> by Woo Myung

All People End Up Dying – Everyone Who Does Not Become Truth While Living Will End Up Dying

Many people wonder about what happens after death, but man does not have the answer or solution to this question. While all people of every religion believe that they will go to heaven, they end up dying because they live inside the mind worlds that they themselves have made.

This is because the human mind world is a picture world copied from the real world; a world where one lives having put what is the world’s inside him. A person living in his mind does not exist because he is false. Just as one’s self that was recorded and seen on a videotape is an image and not real, man is dead because he is not born in the world and he does not have the Soul and Spirit of Truth. He is dead because his soul has not been resurrected. In the mind world that the false self, the delusion, has drawn or made, its attachments lead him to believe that the false self – the shadow of the fleshly human body – is what lives.

People also eat and talk in a video, but what happens in the video is not real. Only what is born in the world is real; man is false because he lives inside a video that has recorded the world. A person who is alive has the mind of the world but a person whose true soul is not born inside his mind ends up dying forever because he does not have a true soul.

Changing the human mind of pictures to God’s mind is repentance and true penitence. Man is not real – he has not born in the real land – so when he dies, he ends up dying forever. A person who has become real remains alive because his Soul and Spirit has been born. Those who completely discard their false selves, go to the real land and are reborn in that land, are the only ones who will live. Everybody else will die.

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