Idealism is Truth itself; the state of completeness. To be ideal is to become Truth; it is when all of one’s thoughts and actions are oriented towards Truth. Therefore, an ideal life is when one is born as Truth.

The reason idealism has not been realized in many places, even though they aim towards it, is because they do not have the method to get to the state of idealism. Therefore, they only talk of what is ideal through scriptures, and are unable to reach the ideal world.

There are tens of thousands of different religious sects because the scriptures have been interpreted by those who have not gone to the ideal world and human thoughts have become the scriptures. True idealism is reaching the ideal world, and being reborn in the ideal world itself. Then, such a world will be realized.

The way to realize this is to ignore and eliminate one’s false self. The origin exists when the false self is gone. When he is then reborn in the mind of the origin, then this is the ideal world.

Imagine for a moment that you had never been born-The world still exists. Even if the stars, the moon, the earth and everything on earth had not been born, the empty sky that is the emptiness still exists. This is the origin, the source, God and the Creator. When one returns to the mind of this existence itself, and is reborn here as the substance of the empty sky, then this place is heaven; it is the ideal world.

Idealism is the thoughts, actions, and life, of a person who has gone to this world. When the realization of idealism becomes possible, it will become an ideal world. The true ideal world is when the world becomes one mind, when without separation between you and me, the world lives as one.

Woo Myung Idealism


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Complete Education

Complete Education

The purpose of education is to make people complete. We define a complete and well-rounded person as one who has knowledge, virtue, physical ability, and artistic abilities. In China, such a person is 知仁勇, which means to have benevolence, knowledge and courage.

We say that a complete person is the one who is intelligent, benevolent, and courageous; but one does not become such a person by merely repeating those words.

The real meaning of a “whole person” is a person who is complete. A complete person is a true person whose true soul never dies. Such a person is called a saint. Man will live a life of righteousness when this term is no longer just empty words and jargon and he actually becomes a true person and lives as one. While man has craved and struggled to become complete, it has not been easy because he is incomplete and false. Completion means one must be alive, without death.

In order to become a complete person, a whole person, one must start subtracting from his mind, to which, until now, he has always added. Only then can he walk the path to human completion. Truth is revealed to the extent the pictures, which are false, have been discarded. Completion is when a man who is false becomes true. Until now people have always added more and more in their lives. However when one subtracts the pictures inside his false mind world and discards his self that is living in that false world, he can become complete and recover his original nature.

The purpose of education today is to teach people how to make a living. And even though there are studies of religion, ideology and philosophy, people just memorize these teachings, not knowing that they cannot become Truth, perfect existence, by memorizing and storing such things in their minds; thus they will never be able to see or become this perfect existence of Truth. When a person is completely free of his self-centered conceptions and behaviors, when he is reborn as the true existence, which is the never-dying universe itself, he can truly become a complete person. If one first becomes a whole person, a complete person, he will know all the ways of the world; consequently he will even better at his studies and live a better life.

The priority in education should first be to make people into Truth and then, to teach them how to make a living. Then, the entire world will become more prosperous. This is because, if the level of people’s consciousness becomes higher, or in other words, if they come to their original senses, everyone will live well because people will live for others. Only when we change our minds to that of Truth, God, will we be able to live together as one.

It is now the time of recovering one’s original nature. In these times, the country where people regain their original nature first will be the one where people live better lives. This meditation is the place where you can recover your original nature and since it is the place where it can actually be achieved, many people have come and many of them have already regained their original nature.

Completion is without want

Completion is to be forever without death

Completion is to accomplish all

Completion is to live forever

Only Truth, the Creator, is complete

Completion is the eternal never-dying body and mind

Completion is to have all

Completion is to become Truth itself

-Woo Myung


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Ultimate Solution For World Peace

Ultimate Solution For World Peace

It is the Age When All Wars Cease to Exist

From an age when the world was moved by the human mind, it is changing to an age of the world becoming man’s mind. Namely, an age of universal order has begun. When man becomes the mind of the world by casting off his self-centered narrow mind, he will become broad-minded, and have no human minds. Therefore, his mind will always be at leisure. Narrow minds filled with greed and attitudes that only one’s self is right and other people are wrong have given rise to countless wars everywhere; innumerable people have died from wars because of the incomplete human mind. When man’s mind becomes the mind of the world, everyone will become one. People will accept and understand each other; and because there will no longer be any narrow-minded greed, all wars cease to exist.

It is Now the Age of Universal Order

The life of the natural order of the Universe, or universal order, is a life of great nature and a life of Truth. Universal order is when there is no forcedness or stubbornness. It is a life that is lived according to the way things happen, which is possible when these minds do not exist. When one can live a life of diligent action without blockages or strife, it means he lives with the mind of nature. One is then able to live with true love and affection, like nature; he lives for the people of the world without the mind that he does so.

How free would people be, if they could live like this! There would be no conflicts or blockages in their minds; people would be able to trust each other and love others more than they love themselves. When people’s minds become the mind of nature and when all people live a life of universal order, it will be world worth living in!

Now is the time of human completion, the age of universal order, and it is the time for the world to become one.

When Man Casts Away His Human Mind, the World Will Become a Truly Peaceful and Good Place to Live

Man lives according to his own will inside an illusionary world that he has made, turning back on Truth, his original self. The world is, therefore, in the state of instability. Man lives keeping scarps in his mind – everything he has learned and all that has happened to him – but these things are far from Truth, and they cause him to lose his human nature and care only about himself. If man recovers his human nature, the world will become truly peaceful. It will become a world where people can trust and believe in one another.

When one’s preconceptions and habits are thrown away, he will be able to accept everything in the world. To accept is to be absent of judgment and discrimination; when one sees things just as they are, when he just lives. If one has a framework of pictures in his mind, then many things catch in his mind and bother him, which cause him to blame others and the world. But because your mind exists, everything is your fault. When the people of the world blame themselves, everyone will have an accepting mind; they will be able to live without conflict and everyone will live well. He will no longer have feelings of inferiority and live well. People’s narrow, negative minds will become positive, practical and active, and thus, the world will become a good place to live.

Academics, the law and all that is man-made in the world will naturally disappear with time. The world where people live without the mind of self – in other words, the world of righteous people – will be a truly joyful place to live, for all people will be of one mind. Without the minds of suffering and burden, there will days of endless laughter. It will be a world without division between nations; a just world where people are honored to live for others; a world where people work with laughter and live joyfully; a world where all people live well. There will be no fear of death because people will live forever with Truth existing within them, and their selves born in the true world. This world and the world beyond will become one.

What is the Ultimate Plan for the Human Race?

Everyone is originally one without you and me, but man has lived envying and being jealous of each other and the world has been divided by different ideology, religion and race. At the moment, no plan is at hand for the human race to cooperate and work together. Man has to learn to become the complete oneness and Truth. Therefore, he will live by universal order. Truth must be taught to people so that they learn to govern countries and treat people with the complete Truth. It would be the best for people to repent and realize their wrong-doings; know that everything is their own fault; subtract the false bubble that is their selves and live as true people.

Man would find life in the world easier if he knew and accepted the ways of the world. Only when man recovers his true self, the origin, will he live with the mind that has become one with the world, the mind of the origin. At such a time, he will have wisdom and only then will there be a proper plan for human life.

Once one sees from the viewpoint of the world, coming up with such a plan is very easy. When everyone in the human race discards his individual wrongful notions, habits and consciousness, and changes to the mind of the world, everyone will become of one mind and every thought and action will be right. A proper plan will then emerge because everyone’s mind will be one.

The basics and foundation of all education should be how to find the right mind and live a righteous life. If one has a righteous mind, his actions and life will accordingly be righteous also. As he will have a rightful way of thinking, he will be able to acknowledge what is right even when it is not his own.

Man does not know what is right or what is proper because of the self-centered mind he has. When he throws this away and become the mind of the world, he will have a righteous mind.

The New World Begins…

Now is the age of the new world,

when the consciousness of the world reaches its peak –

an era when all religions are transcended.

It is the age,

when one can go to heaven while he is living;

when he who was dead inside his mind

becomes one who is living.

Now is the time, when anyone can find his true self and become a true person.

Now is the age when he can know the ways of the world.

A time when man no longer struggles to appease his feelings of inferiority,

and all people in the world become one;

a time when there are no divisions between nations

and everyone is one;

a time when religion, philosophy and ideology become one

and man lives working for the betterment of others;

a time when the sky has become low and within reach,

and people live in the sky, no longer feel inferior

and lack for nothing.

In other words, it has become a time of achieving completion when people do not die after death,

but live forever;

a time of endless laughter;

a time when there are no songs of lamentation for the dead;

a time when man has wisdom and no thoughts or delusions,

a time when the world is a good place to live

because people are no longer foolish and work hard;

a time of a humanitarian world living in harmony;

a time when all become one and live forever;

a time when one becomes Truth;

a time when one lives with universal order;

a time without greed,

when no one thieves or robs

and people do not do each other harm.

In a time when we can live without the law,

we must discard the self-centered human mind

and change it into the mind of Truth.

It is the time to live reborn in the land of Truth.

-Woo Myung


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Human Completion

The Reason Man is Born into This World is to Live Forever

When the Creator created man, he created man to resemble himself but man made his own self-centered world by copying what is in the Creator’s world. This enabled civilization to progress but man lost his original nature and lived selfishly.

Man’s greed led to the accelerated population of the world. When the world is populated to capacity, the Creator will come to the world to save man. If mankind had lived without greed, they would have died out naturally. Human life, like the life of a mayfly, is meaningless but it is the will of the Creator to harvest man when the human population is at its densest – that is, to save people when there are as many people living in the world as possible. Now is the time of the harvest. Instead of dying full of regrets and resentment, man should live forever in the land of God by becoming one with the mind of God. The reason and purpose man comes into the world is to live forever.

The Time of Subtraction when Man Can Fulfill Human Completion Has Begun

Man is born with a mind that wants to possess, so he seeks satisfaction and happiness through possession. However, there is no end to such means; ultimately, he cannot be satisfied or happy. A mind full of greed is always anguished; and a life lived following one’s anguish is without action; it is a life with thoughts leading only to more thoughts.

If the past was the age of adding to one’s mind, now the age of subtracting what is in his mind has begun. Human completion is becoming God’s mind by subtracting all of one’s own mind.

One will then be able to live well for he will have wisdom and his mind that is the Soul and Spirit will live eternally.

Subtracting all human mind – all the mind one has, that he has “eaten” – is completion.

The Plan for Human Completion: Completely Subtract the Human Mind World and Be Reborn as Truth

Man has tried to achieve completion for a long time through various methods, by practicing asceticism or by following various religions. And although traces of these efforts to achieve completion can be seen and heard everywhere, there has never been a method, or plan, to achieve completion.

If one has achieved Truth, he must have a plan, a method, for anyone to do the same. A place that enables one to become Truth can do so because it has Truth.

Human Completion

Countless people have lived and passed away, but there has never been a method for human completion because the complete existence, the owner of the original foundation, had not come to the world. Man has been waiting for this Savior because only this true existence knows the way to become Truth, and can make man into Truth. The Savior is the one who saves the world. The plan for saving the world is to make man’s mind one with the mind of the origin of the world, and to enable man to be reborn in the land of Truth. Only the Savior knows how to do this, because the human mind world does not know the things of the world, Truth. The systematic, scientific method to erase the false human mind world – to become one with the mind of the real world when one completely erases the false human mind world – is openly available to the public at Meditation. This is the plan for human completion. By completely subtracting and erasing the human mind world, the place of Truth, completion, is revealed and when one is reborn in this world he achieves human completion. Being reborn as Truth is human completion.


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Method Of Subtraction

Now, It is the Age of Becoming Truth because the Method to Do so Has Come to the World: the Method of Subtraction

Since mankind was created in the world, people lived their lives continuously forming and destroying delusional thoughts and notions in order to possess and own more.

There have always been mythical stories of a world different from this one – a land of peace where everyone can live a good life; namely, the true world. However, these stories were told abstractly and conceptually and there was no one who actually knew this world. Countless people devoted their precious youth in searching for this world, and innumerable others sought it in religion, but no one was able to find it.

A method to achieve human completion did not exist because a person who had achieved it did not exist. The past was an age of simply talking about Truth, which is over, and now it is the age of becoming Truth. The past was an age of adding to one’s illusionary mind. Now it is the age of subtraction. 

Why Does the Human Mind World Need to be Cleansed?

The human mind world is a place where one takes pictures of everything that belongs to the world which he stores in his mind. Man lives in this picture – the picture world – instead of living in the true world. His self living in this picture world does not exist because he is in a non-existent world. Everything in the mind disappears when you eliminate it. What disappears is false. This is the reason it needs to be cleansed; because it is false. 

The Method to Become True is to Subtract the Picture World in Your Mind

Man can become complete only when he cleanses his mind and is reborn with the mind of Truth that does not disappear – the mind of the Creator of the origin. Truth remains when one’s false mind world and his self living in that world are discarded.

You must go to the true world while living. In order to become true, you have to cleanse the self-centered body and mind, which is your exact shape and size, from this great universe and even cleanse your false conceptions of the universe (all the shapes of all creations in the universe). Then the pure universe remains. This existence is Truth. You must be reborn as the body and mind of this existence. When the body and mind of this existence becomes you and is within you, you and Truth are one. One who has this Truth can live because he is Truth.

This meditation has the method to completely discard your false self. The way to return to Truth, our deepest roots, and to become complete is to discard your self and your illusionary mind world. This is why this meditation, a place to cleanse your mind, is needed. This meditation is a place where you discard your self and your mind world, and are reborn with the body and mind of Truth that is real. The more your mind world moves towards the origin and Truth, the more you will know and be enlightened.

Method Of Subtraction

Man Can Live Forever in the Land of Truth

Man who is inside his mind world mistakenly believes he is alive. In fact, he is dead because he has made an illusionary self which he believes to exist in the illusionary picture world.

Man can live forever only when he destroys his world that he made by copying Truth – the illusionary mind world – and is reborn in the land of Truth because Truth is the eternal never-changing living existence, which is the world before the world and the sky before the sky: it is alive.

When falseness is discarded, what is real remains: it is human completion. This is the way to live eternally and be born in the land of Truth while one is living. One who is born in this land will live and work in this land for the land of Truth. 

Woo Myung explains:

Everything produced in a video has life only when it exists in the world. Likewise, man must exist in the world in order to have life.

Discard the mind that resembles the origin and become the origin; only then will there be life. It is the same principle as discarding the videotape, for everything in the videotape is an illusion, and when it has been discarded the world of reality exists and one’s self that is living becomes real. This meditation has the method for people to discard this videotape and to be born and live in the world.

-Woo Myung


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Human Mind

Human Mind and Human are False.

Human Mind

Christianity tells us we have original sin and actual sin, and Buddhism tells us everything is in our minds and that what we hold in our minds is karma. All religions tell us to cleanse and empty our minds, but this is often misunderstood. People commonly think that what is meant by this is to abandon or give up what they intended to do.

In order for man to become righteous, we must first know about the set-up of the human mind.

The human mind is like a video. This means man lives his lie in an illusion from birth. It is comparable to a video because with his eyes, ears, nose, mouth and body – his five senses – he takes pictures of all that he experiences as he lives, and stores them inside him. These become his “self” and they dictate how he lives and behaves.

As man lives out his life within this mind – this “film” – he takes pictures of his hometown, his elementary, middle and high schools, college, military service, marriage, career and religious lie; not only has he taken pictures in his mind of his entire past, but he will continue to do so even in the future of all that he sees, hears, speaks, smells and feels.

For example, anyone who has been to Miami Beach will have an image of Miami in his mind. Man’s mind is exactly the same as a camera – the images on film in the camera are not real; they are false. The actual Miami Beach is what is real. What is inside the mind is false – they are like images on a reel of film.

It is because man is living inside a video that all religions tell us to cleanse and empty our minds; it is why we are told that the blessed are the poor in spirit for the kingdom of heaven is theirs. Man has always lived inside this mind, this film, and he has never once seen or lived in the complete world. This is what sin is; what karma is.

Your whole life, including everything that happened today, was simultaneously taken as a picture the moment you saw it. Moreover you are inside that film, the picture. When you think carefully about your day today, wasn’t it all inside your mind?

Man is not born in the world. He lives in his own mind: a shadow, a copy, of the real world. Hence, he is not complete and lives inside his illusionary mind. He is dead because his mind world is false and not real. Truth is the world and falseness is one’s own mind that has taken pictures of the world. If one copies the world and lives inside what he has copied, he is not living in the world but in a picture – neither the world he lives in nor he himself living in that non-existent world exist.Human Mind

Fleeting Human Life

All people have periods of happiness and unhappiness.

Even if one has a family that other people envy,

There is unhappiness within it.

He wishes for whatever causing this unhappiness to be resolved,

But when that happens, he wishes for something else.

Wishing for human happiness is a manifestation

Of the sense of inferiority in his mind.

Even if man achieves everything he wants,

He eventually dies, and the past is all a dream.

He would know what he needs to do.If man lives knowing the way to

live forever,

Man is an entity that does not know anything.

His only wish is to get or gain things that he wants,

But this wish is just an expression of his delusions.

Time flows by, and all those whose lives have come to an end

Have disappeared from the world.

Everything they wanted to achieve were like dreams,

Dreamt during a brief nap.

Those who only exist in their thoughts have vanished,

Without having done or achieved anything.

Man does not know the ways of the world

Because he has never been born in the world,

And he is not born in the world.

He does not know the principle

That he exists because the world exists.

He has made his own world by copying the things in the world,

And he lives within this mind world,

Ignorant of where he came from and where he will go.

Salvation is giving one birth in the world without time,

And allowing him to live there.

Because time does not exist there,

There is no birth, death, aging or sickness.

And because time does not exist,

One is an eternal never-dying immortal.

Man cannot prevail over time;

Only God can take man to the world that has prevailed over time;

The world that is beyond time.

Blaming the world and time,

Suffering and sadness,

Aging, sickness, birth and death,

Desires, anger and foolishness,

The five desires and seven sins;

These things all exist in human life – the world of sin,

But they do not exist in the true world – the world of God.

-Woo Myung


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