Acceptance Is The Greatest Thing Of All


Acceptance by Woo Myung

Acceptance Is The Greatest Thing Of All


Acceptance is the greatest thing of all because

it means to embrace everything without discernment.

One embraces so that

one may be awakened of that which one has embraced.

Being awakened does not mean

to gain enlightenment by

discerning until one knows for sure

what is and what is not;

rather, it means to gain enlightenment despite such discernment;

it means to discern until one knows it for sure,

yet not be bound to one’s discernment;

it means to discern with the Mind that is absent of self.

Because this Mind embraces the narrow minds of others,

it is the Mind of great mercy and great benevolence;

it is the Mind of true, great heart.

According to Nature’s flow,

acceptance is the wisdom of life,

in which a life that follows this flow is

a life of acceptance.

Acceptance is perfect,

and so it belongs to nothing.

Yet it allows for everything to become one;

it allows us to live seeing things just as they are

so that though one may teach,

one does not belong to the teachings –

one just teaches,

one simply does it –

which is why it is acceptance.


– Woo Myung



Faith by Woo Myung



Faith generally means

to believe in a certain subject,

but true faith means

to believe in what one has within oneself.

To merely believe in a subject

is to believe in an image of one’s own delusions.

To have faith in what is within

is to believe because the heart believes.

This is true faith.

Even when it comes to believing in Truth,

believing in some vague truth is

to believe in a truth of one’s own conceptions and habits.

In other words, delusion breeds faith in a delusional truth.

To have faith in the fact that Truth exists inside you,

is for you to have Truth;

furthermore, to believe it with your heart,

for true faith means to believe with the heart.


True faith is when

one’s true heart – one’s true Mind – believes that Truth exists.

In the Bible, there is the phrase,

“to believe with the heart and answer with the mouth.”

This means that one must acknowledge

that Jesus Christ, who is Truth,

exists in one’s heart – in the Mind inside oneself –

and answer with one’s mouth that, indeed, Truth exists;

this means that person has been enlightened

and that he has received an answer to his prayer of repentance.


– Woo Myung


The Cycle Of God


The Cycle of God by Woo Myung


The Cycle Of God


In order for man’s consciousness – his – mind –

to be changed into the Mind of  God,

his human self must exist no more;

by God’s consent,

he must be reborn as God, Himself.

In order for both man’s and God’s cycles to coincide,

all but God should be absent from his mind.

Only then will his cycle be in sync

so that he can be reborn as God.

Only those who have become God

may live in God’s Land.


– Woo Myung

Bright Light

Bright Light


Bright Light

The day the dark clouds are lifted

will be the day in which the world will be bright.

What does it mean for the world to be bright?

It means that

man’s individual mind will no longer exist.

It means that

his life exists, but he will not exist in it.

Such a place would be a bright world.

Such a place would be a true world.


A true world is a bright world;

a true world is a world of hope.

I await the day the dark clouds will be lifted

and the new world – the new Heaven and earth –

will be revealed.

The cloudless sky brightens the mind of man.

Likewise we will see the bright Light

when the clouds are no more;

likewise we will see the day

when everyone is smiling.


– Woo Myung

How to Treat Others

 How to Treat Others


How to Treat Others


When dealing with another,

do so with the absence of your mind.

When you do this,

that person will feel at utmost ease.

When you do this,

you will become one with that person.

When you become one with him,

he will listen to your words,

which are free of mind.


Love, compassion, and benevolence

confine the mind of another,

for they all attachments;

they undesirable,

for they cause you to create karma

which is what gives birth to the human mind.

If a person attempts to do you harm out of greed

avoid him,

but do so absent of the thought that you are doing it.

This means that no impressions will be left in his mind

and neither will any be left in yours.

In a conflict occurs between you and another due to his greed,

stand by his side and agree absent of mind;

pretend that you too are greedy

and then slip out later.

This means that so long as you do not become immersed in his way of thinking,

that mind of greediness will be his

while you will remain as you are.


Why do we undergo trials in life?

We undergo them because of our own karmas.

If you were to ask me how you can overcome

the trials you are experiencing due to your karmic ties,

I would tell that

you must not afford your mind to those trials,

or in other words that

the trials do not exist unless you are present in them.


– Woo Myung

True Mind

True Mind

True Mind

Man lives with his head held up high,

but there will come a time

when he will live with it hung low.

Man has his self

and so he lives raising himself high.

This is not his true Mind,

only his exterior,

and it is what leads to his ruin.

When one is absent of self

he is boundlessly kind

and full of warm-hearted affection.

When someone treats him whole-heartedly,

he, in return, treats that person whole-heartedly.

However if there were a person

who says one thing but means another,

one, in return, would treat him the same way.

He who revels in the show of his self-glory

ends up a disgrace.

But that which is done from the true Mind

is sweeter than the scent of a thousand flowers.

Though one may find it difficult to realize

what living without one’s self means,

he will come to know it in the future.

The world has been a place of hardship,

where the distribution of wealth has been unequal amongst people.

If one were not alert,

the person next to him snatched away what was his;

if one tried to live,

he found himself hungry.

Man’s life

in such a world and in such times has been

a contradiction.

Human life is determined by conditions

whereby their presence is governed by the Universe.

Thus the Universe is the master

and consequently a life ignorant of the Universe’s will

is an untrue life indeed.


You live thinking that life is something you simple live;

you live not knowing your trueness

nor do you know your righteousness.

And so all that remains of life is endless sadness.

Since I have eliminated this lingering mind of mine,

I no longer exist.

When the mind does not exist

it is the one Mind.

To be one means that

everyone and everything live together.

– Woo Myung